The Mission

rowingVineyard Voyagers was founded in the early 1990s by master mariner and Outward Bound instructor Malcolm Boyd to bring outdoor expeditionary learning to Island high school students.

For the flagship of this adventure enterprise, Vineyard boat builders working
with Island student apprentices built a 28 ft. wooden ketch for rowing and sailing called Mabel. This Nomans Land boat serves as the backbone of various Vineyard Voyagers programs that combine land activities and sea voyages in the Vineyard’s maritime tradition.

Aboard Mabel students learn traditional wooden boat design, construction, and maintenance; sailing, seamanship, and navigation; and marine sciences, maritime arts, history, and literature. Voyagers aboard Mabel will also learn the value of teamwork and the satisfaction of a job well done.

We welcome community support in any form to further our mission of giving young people on the Vineyard the chance to have significant encounters with the sea: to build their knowledge and skills, to develop confidence, character and cooperation, and to continue a centuries- old seafaring tradition.